Kyphoplasty Overview

Kyphoplasty is a procedure to treat compression fractures in the spine. It is preformed to restore vertebral height and to also strengthen the area deformed or damaged by the fracture. During the procedure a medical “concrete” is applied to strengthen and stabilize the damaged vertebrae. A Kyphoplasty can be performed as a minimally invasive spine surgery and the patient can usually go home the day of the procedure.

Advantages of Conservative Treatment

  • Less expensive then surgery
  • Little to no recovery
  • No incisions or scarring
  • No long term effects
  • Done during an office visit
  • Best used before considering surgery
  • Immediate results

Conditions Treated with Kyphoplasty

Kyphoplasty is a procedure performed to treat pain from vertebral compression fractures.

  • Spondylolisthesis

    Spondylolisthesis is vertebral slippage in the spinal column. The human spine has a perfectly aligned shape for motion, but spondylolisthesis distorts this alignment. This slippage can be caused by aging of the spine, a congenital disorder, an injury, and also diseases such as those that can cause abnormal growths on the spine.