Facet Block Injection

Facet Block Injection Overview

A Facet Block Injection is when an area on the spine is injected with a local anesthetic and then a needle, using fluoroscopy (x-ray) for accuracy, is placed in the area in which the facet joints are inflamed. A steroid is then injected into this area to help reduce inflammation and help with pain. The purpose of a Facet Block Injection is twofold. It can provide pain relieve for the patient and it can also be a diagnostic tool. If the doctor is able to pinpoint and relieve pain in a specific area, then he/she knows where the pain is stemming from and can more accurately treat the patient for a more long term solution.

Advantages of Conservative Treatment

  • Less expensive then surgery
  • Little to no recovery
  • No incisions or scarring
  • No long term effects
  • Done during an office visit
  • Best used before considering surgery
  • Immediate results

Conditions Treated with Facet Block Injection

Facet Block Injections can be used for chronic pain from facet joint syndrome, degenerative disc disease or spinal osteoarthritis.

  • Facet Joint Syndrome

    Facet joint syndrome can develop when spinal discs become weak or degenerated and place more stress on the facet joints, the joints between two vertebrae that allow them to work in unison to provide motion.