Endoscopic Sacroiliac Denervation

Endoscopic Sacroiliac Denervation Overview

An endoscopic sacroiliac denervation is a procedure where sensory nerves that provide pain signals from the sacroiliac joint are ablated (removed) through an outpatient endoscopic procedure. This interruption of painful nerve transmission often provides adequate pain relief and may help patients delay or avoid a sacroiliac joint fusion.

When conservative treatment have failed and pain in the lower back or down the legs continues, an endoscopic sacroiliac denervation might be the right choice for the patient.

Advantages of Conservative Treatment

  • Less expensive then surgery
  • Little to no recovery
  • No incisions or scarring
  • No long term effects
  • Done during an office visit
  • Best used before considering surgery
  • Immediate results

Conditions Treated with Endoscopic Sacroiliac Denervation

Endoscopic sacroiliac denervation is a procedure performed to provide pain relief from sacroiliac joint pain.