Weakness and Walking Issues

Weakness and Walking Issues Overview

Weakness and being unsteady on the feet is one of the most common causes of falls in older adults. Physical Therapists have developed some great methods for helping patients prevent falls. Gate (walk) training, balance training, adaptive equipment, and strength building are just a few of many approaches that are utilized is a combination therapy to help with walking and strength issues.

On a routine basis, your physical therapist will report back to your doctor and review your progress, modifying your physical therapy as needed. Physical therapy sessions start at an easier pace and then progress as the patient is able to handle the regimen.

Weakness and Walking Issues may also be known as , Rehabilitation, Physical Rehab, Occupational Therapy.

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Symptoms of Weakness and Walking Issues

Weakness can also be defined or enhanced by fatigue, lack of coordination, function loss, falling, muscle weakness, or loss of stamina.

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    Weakness and Walking Issues Causes

    Ongoing generalized weakness is often an ailment of older adults or someone with a chronic illness. Having weakness and fatigue puts a person at great risk of falls and can also have a significantly negative effect on their daily living and activates.

      Weakness and Walking Issues Treatments

      Generalized weakness can be improved with the stamina and stregth building that a physical therapist can offer.

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