Stroke Recovery

Stroke Recovery Overview

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy are essential to stroke recovery. After a stroke, the brain needs to “relearn” the activates of daily living and be able to use gross and fine motor skills to be able to adequately do things like, keep a steady walk to prevent falls, adjust to an elevation like a step up or step down, or hold a writing pen properly. These are just a few of many examples of how the brain may be affected by a stroke. All strokes are different depending on what part of the brain is impaired. A physical therapy team will work directly with your physician to make sure you receive the most optimal recovery from a stroke. The regimen is progressive and will change as the patient improves and it is normal for the patient to take several weeks or months to achieve maximum results.

Stroke Recovery may also be known as , Rehabilitation, Physical Rehab, Occupational Therapy.

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Symptoms of Stroke Recovery

After a stroke, a person can experience weakness, lack of coordination, function loss and an increased risk for falls.

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    Stroke Recovery Causes

    An ischemic stroke can be caused by a blood clot that has occluded (blocked) the blood flow of one of the arteries in the brain. A stroke can also be cause by lack of blood flow to the brain due to a broken artery (hemorrhagic stroke).

      Stroke Recovery Treatments

      Time is the most important factor in a stroke. If it is suspected that someone is having a stroke, receiving medical help as fast as possible can preserve precious brain function. After a stroke has occurred, rehabilitation including physical and occupation therapy play an important role as the patient begins their recovery.

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      Stroke Recovery Diagnosis

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