Joint and Muscle Pain

Joint and Muscle Pain Overview

Joint and Muscle Pain is a common ailment that sometimes takes time to resolve or can become a recurrent problem. Whether by injury, over-use, arthritis, or a musculoskeletal condition, joint and muscle pain can put a standstill to daily activities. It is important to have a physician evaluate the reason for your pain so that you can approach care appropriately.

Many times relief can be found with a combination of therapies such as stopping the repetitive action that is exacerbating the pain, over the counter anti-inflammatories and seeking advice on recommended stretches, exercises or tension relieving practices. Sometimes prescription medications or injections may be recommended to help with pain and healing. Certain procedures are also available for recurring or chronic problems.

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Symptoms of Joint and Muscle Pain

Joint pain and muscle pain can be sharp, dull, or recurrent. It may feel worse with activity and can also cause swelling and feel tender to the touch.

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    Joint and Muscle Pain Causes

    Joint or muscle pain can be caused by injury, over-use, arthritis, a musculoskeletal condition, or a disease process.

      Joint and Muscle Pain Treatments

      Treatment can include over the counter anti-inflammatories and seeking medical advice on recommended medications, support devices, heat or cool therapy, stretches, exercises or tension relieving measures.

      Further treatment may include:

      Home Remedy

      • Rest
      • Ice Packs
      • Heat Therapy
      • Non steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs help to relieve inflammation
      • Acetaminophen, Tylenol or other over the counter pain reliver to relieve pain
      • Electronic Muscle Stimulation

      Joint and Muscle Pain Diagnosis

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