Injury Recovery

Injury Recovery Overview

With an orthopedic injury, in addition to proper medical care, physical therapy is almost always recommended to start as soon as possible. The goal for the patient and their recovery team is to get the patient moving and returning to their regular function level if at all possible. Strengthening muscles and helping limit scar tissue that may develop around an injury or the surgery area can be key to recovery optimally from an injury.

For athletes, getting back to top physical shape after an injury is often a priority for them. A physical therapy team, that may include a sports medicine doctor, often work directly with physicians, coaches or trainers to make sure both athletes and the casual weekend warrior receive the most optimal recovery from their injury.

Injury Recovery may also be known as , Rehabilitation, Physical Rehab, Occupational Therapy, Sports Medicine.

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Symptoms of Injury Recovery

With an injury, symptoms will very due to the complexity. In general, symptoms usually include pain at the injury site, increased pain with activity, swelling, touch tenderness, and sometimes an obvious deformity can be seen.

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    Injury Recovery Causes

    An injury is any unexpected trauma to a person, blunt, sharp, direct or indirect.

      Injury Recovery Treatments

      After a musculoskeletal injury, a patient can start physical therapy as soon as their doctor has cleared them to safely do so. Physical therapy is often the key to proper healing and functional recovery.

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